Online Courses

New! All of our courses are now available online

Our FTO Basic, FTO Refresher, and Managing Field Training courses are now available in a remote-learning experience. That is, each participant learns via the web from a remote location. This synchronous environment means you will interact in real time with the entire class.

You may participate from home, work, or someplace else, as your agency prefers. We highly recommend one person per computer. Attendees are in and out of small group activities and connect much better with each other when on their own computer. In addition, audio systems do not share space well, so please plan for one attendee per room. In fact, many attend courses from home.

The current pandemic has required us to include this format. Through distance-learning, we can respect social distancing and restrictions on gatherings and still get you trained. Please be assured you will receive the same instruction and course content you would have if this were a traditional classroom experience.

Hesitant about trying this new format for your FTO training? Read what cops are saying about our online course, and reach out to us if you have questions.

For complete information on course content, view the descriptions on each course page:

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Frequently asked questions about FTO Basic Online

Q: What will I need in order to participate?
You will need internet access and a computer with a camera, microphone, and speakers.

Q: Will I receive the same certification as I would in a traditional classroom?
Yes. This is the same course as our classroom version—same objectives, activities, assessments, and the same amount of time. You will receive the same CEUs and the same certificate of successful completion as our classroom attendees.

Q: Do I attend this online training during a work shift?
You should consider attending this course to be a duty assignment, just as if you attended a classroom version. Class starts every day at 8:30AM and concludes by 4:30PM. You are expected to be present for instruction all day, except for breaks and lunch, of course. Bottom line is that you cannot attend this remote-learning course and handle calls for service at the same time.