Managing Field Training

1-day course

Our one-day Managing Field Training course is intended for those who oversee field training in their agency. The day will consist of discussion, presentation, practical exercises, and a round-table sharing of field training issues facing the attendees.

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  • Compare different types of field training programs. No matter what your program looks like now, its roots are probably in one of three programs. In this block we will explore the roots of those programs and compare and contrast how they work.
  • Identify training skills and methods used by successful FTOs. Have we created field training officers or field evaluation officers? This topic will identify the training and teaching skills that every FTO needs to have in his or her training tool kit.
  • Explore selection criteria for FTOs. Good FTOs have to have good police skill sets. What else should we be looking at in our FTOs?
  • Examine national standards for field training programs. This block will take a look at what the National Association of Field Training Officers (NAFTO) recommends in field training. We will also examine field-training practices the Department of Justice took issue with in consent decrees from around the country.
  • Identify factors and solutions in conflicts between FTOs and recruits. We’ve all heard about “personality problem” in the car. What causes it, and more important, what can we do about it?
  • Practice keeping your field training program current through modification and expansion of both the DOR and Training Inventory. We will practice program modification by developing a very basic field training program for newly promoted supervisors.