Seal of Good Housekeeping

Is there a seal of good housekeeping for field training programs?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently investigated the New Orleans Police Department based on allegations of unconstitutional practices. The DOJ found that “…deficiencies in the way NOPD polices the City are not simply individual, but structural as well.” One part of that structure was the NOPD field training program.

If you are looking for a seal of good housekeeping, the DOJ recommendations for field training programs are probably a good place to start. There are two sets of recommendations. The first is program issues, which boil down to selection and retention (or not) of FTOs. The second is basic FTO course content. Let’s take a closer look at what the DOJ wants to see in FTO courses:

  • FTO training should include learning preferences, and how they (FTOs) may adjust their teaching and training to cope with different preferences.
  • FTO training should include lessons on generational differences; how experienced officers and supervisors value and communicate with members of our entry-level workforce.
  • FTO training should include lessons on adult learning.
  • In general, DOJ recommended the use of scenario-based learning in lieu of lecture.

Looking for a seal of good housekeeping for your field-training program? Looking at what the DOJ recommends is a good start.

You will find each of these important recommendations in our Basic FTO Course. Not because of the DOJ, but because we know that you can’t teach adults without these elements.